Pet Health and Nutrition

The health and well being of your pet, whether you have a dog, cat, bird or goldfish, should be very important to you as a pet owner. To have a pet and not take care of it properly is selfish and cruel. A pet is totally dependent on its owner for its very survival. A well taken care of and healthy pet will give you years of enjoyment, not to mention companionship and will return your love and devotion many fold. Well, maybe not the goldfish, but I’m sure you get my drift.Multivitamins for your pet are extremely important in your quest to maintain your pet’s health. You cannot rely on foods alone to give your beloved pets the nutrition necessary to keep them healthy. There are many multivitamins on the market, but the ones you should look for should contain vitamins essential to your own pet’s well being. All multivitamins are not designed for all pets.Cats, for example, need a multivitamin that contains the amino acid taurine, selenium and the vitamins A, C and E, plus vitamin B complex. Dogs, on the other hand, need multivitamins that contain the minerals iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. These minerals, along with vitamins A, C, D, and E, plus vitamin B complex will certainly be a step in the right direction to keeping your dog healthy.When purchasing your pet’s multivitamin, be selective. You wouldn’t buy just any multivitamin for yourself so be just as vigilant when buying a multivitamin for your pet. The correct dosage is also very important. Be sure to follow your veterinarian’s instructions or the directions on the bottle.Along with multivitamins, other nutritional supplements can be very useful in preventing illness. Coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine among other amino acids are good for a heart condition. Glucosamine can be useful in treating arthritis. Glutamine, digestive enzymes, amino acids and probiotics are beneficial in keeping the digestive tract healthy.Diet is also very important. It is suggested that for cats, a meal consist of no more than 35% carbs, 10% fat and 20% protein. For dogs, 50% carbs, 5% fat, 5% fiber and 10% protein. Remember, a fat pet is an unhealthy pet.All natural foods for your pet is the way to go. Pet food manufacturers know this and nearly all offer some form of all-natural food. Even all-natural pet treats are readily available.Be sure and make regular visits to your veterinarian. Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Regular check-ups can help prevent heartache later.┬ęCopyright 2007

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