Natural Alternatives for Joint Health and Arthritis

There Has Been A Recent Problem for Joint Pain Suffers

The recent removal from pharmacy shelves of Vioxx® and other such Cox-2 inhibitors has severely impacted countless Americans. These drugs, which were designed to minimize gastrointestinal issues common with other anti-inflammatory medications were, in fact, producing harmful and sometimes deadly side effects of their own.

So what are these Americans going to do? Where can they turn to ease their arthritis and joint pain safely? There is a new breakthrough in natural joint pain relief that many Americans are scrambling to learn more about. This new source of relief is what this article is all about.

Rice Bran – the Secret to Joint Pain Relief

You may ask yourself…Rice? Yes, rice bran is one of the most nutrient rich substance found on land. Rice bran comes from the shells of rice when it is processed into white rice. Unfortunately, a natural occurring enzyme in the rice bran cause it to break down very quickly and has no shelf life. An extraction process discovered has allowed for the removal of this enzyme and a world of possibilities to open up.

How Does This Help Joint Pain Suffers?

Polysaccharides are a great aid in the human body to increase the production of collagen. Collagen lubricates the spaces between bones and is often a culprit of causing joint pain and discomfort. Rice bran is rich in polysaccharides. It is also rich in phytosterols, which contain anti-inflammatory properties which allow it to replace some of the more dangerous pharmaceutical drugs like Vioxx®.

There are a few products on the market now, most of them natural supplements that are not approved by the FDA. Do not let that discourage you. The FDA only approves supplements that are classified as drugs, it does not mean that it is dangerous or not effective. However, anyone that is interested in start a new supplement should always consult their doctor first. At the time of the writing of this of article one of these products is offering a free months supply it is called Flex Protex®. You can learn more about it here: Flex Protex Website [].

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